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Below is a list of my published books. For articles related to design management, innovation, and design thinking, please visit my project, Designorate. For the articles published in other online design publication, please visit my Articles page

Academic publications:

Elmansy, R. (2015) Barriers Facing Design and Creativity in Middle East SMEs. Design Management Review. 26 (4) p.16.

Elmansy, R. (2015) Designing the 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand. Design Management Review. 26 (1).

Teach Yourself Visually SEO

by Rafiq Elmansy

Publisher: John Wiley

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Whether promoting yourself, your business, or your hobbies and interest, you want your website or blog to appear near the top when your customers search. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is increasingly essential to businesses. This full-color, step-by-step guide demonstrates key SEO concepts and practices in an easy-to-follow visual format. Learn how to set up your website and what to implement to help your business or product make a great showing in search results. Learn more.

Illustrator Foundations

by Rafiq Elmansy

Publisher: Talyor and Francis

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Whether you are creating a catchy and fun cartoon, designing a print banner advertisement, or developing content for a mobile game, save time and money with expert techniques, the trips and tricks from by Adobe Certified Expert, Rafiq Elmansy with Illustrator Foundations. With practical applications and step by step tutorials, solve problems quickly to develop creative projects on time and to budget. Want to hone your Illustrator skills so you can remain competitive in a diverse market while concentrating on your vector graphics projects? Then Illustrator Foundations is for you! Learn more.

Photoshop 3D for Animators

by Rafiq Elmansy

Publisher: Focal Press

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With Photoshop 3D for Animators, explore the new 3D tools and techniques that will enhance your animation pipeline and workflows with the Adobe Suite software, including After Effects and Flash. Explore the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop and expand your 3D expertise with the comprehensive guide to Adobe 3D toolset for animators. Customize Adobe CS5 tools for your specific, animation workflow and integrate your 3D models with Adobe Flash and the entire Adobe Suite platform with ease. Learn more.

Photoshop 3D for Animators

著者:Rafiq Elmansy

Publisher: Born Digital

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・Adobe Bridgeの活用方法、FlashやAfter Effects との連携方法を解説

本書では、特にアニメーション、動画・ムービー制作者向けのPhotoshopの3Dテクニックを紹介しています。3Dツールセットについて幅広く解説する本書で、Adobe Photoshopをくまなく探求し、3Dの専門知識を広げてください。そして、モデルを統合したり、独自のカスタム3Dモデルを作成、編集、アニメートしましょう。

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Quick Guide to Flash Catalyst

著者:Rafiq Elmansy

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

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How do you transform user interface designs created in Photoshop or Illustrator into interactive web pages? It’s easier than you think. This guide shows you how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst to create interactive UIs and website wireframes for Rich Internet Applications—without writing a single line of code.

Ideal for web designers, this book introduces Flash Catalyst basics with detailed step-by-step instructions and screenshots that illustrate every part of the process. You’ll learn hands-on how to turn your static design or artwork into working user interfaces that can be implemented in Flash Builder or Adobe AIR. Learn more.

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