The below list for my articles is updated frequently with the newest published articles and thoughts:

Exploring the New Updates in Photoshop CC 2014, Graphic Design, 2014

Can Cox Review of Creativity in Business Really Hhelp Building on the UK’s Strengths?, Icograda, 2014

Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO, Smashing Magazine, 2014

Taking A Closer Look At Arabic Calligraphy, Smashing Magazine, 2014

15 Poster Examples that Reflect British Propaganda During World War II, Graphic Design, 2014

How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop, Graphic Design, 2014

Farewell Massimo Vignelli, One of the Design Icons of the 20th Century, Graphic Design, 2014

How Does Your Camera Image Stabilizer Work?,, 2013

Understanding Camera Exposure, , 2013.

Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art, Graphic Design magazine, 2013.

Arabic Calligraphy in Contemporary Design, Graphic Design magazine, 2013.

How to Create a 3D Spaceship Scene in Photoshop, Graphic Design magazine, 2012.

Converting artwork to patterns using Adobe Ideas and Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Inspire, 2012

How to Create HTML5 Animation Using Adobe Edge, Graphic Design magazine, 2012.

Converting an Image into Vector Pop Art in Illustrator CS6, Graphic Design magazine, 2012.

Creating 3D Animation in Photoshop CS6, Graphic Design magazine, 2012.

Building a 3D Scene in Photoshop CS6, Graphic Design magazine, 2012

Quality VS Quantity in Creative Projects, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Learn to create a 3D scene in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Inspire magazine, 2011.

The Tale of Two Technologies: Flash and HTML5, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

3D animation in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Edge magazine, 2011.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Using Templates, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

How to Create HTML5 Banner Animation in Adobe Edge, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Lonely Designers Could Die, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

How to Set a Cost for a Design Project, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

How to Find a Graphic Design Job, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Traditional vs. Digital Arts, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

How to Create a Photo Manipulation Poster in Photoshop, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

The Egyptian eRevolution and the Role of Social Networking, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Egyptians Got Talent with their Egypt Protest Signs, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Protecting Artwork Copyrights, Think again!!, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

How to Build a Good Working Client Relationship, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2011.

Creating Realistic 3D Animation in Flash CS4, Activetuts Flash magazine, 2010.

Page layouts in Flash with the Text Layout Framework, Adobe Developer Center, 2010.

The Factors behind the Design Value, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Organizing the Creative Process Workflow, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Integrating Adobe Flash with Other CS5 Applications, Activetuts Flash magazine, 2010.

Photo Manipulate Tutorial Using Photoshop, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Creative Image Coloring Photoshop Tutorial, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Using the New Deco Drawing Tool in Flash CS5, Activetuts Flash magazine, 2010.

Timeline in Adobe Photoshop CS4 , Community MX, 2010.

Man and Earth Photoshop Tutorial, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

3D Animation in Flash CS4 , Community MX, 2010.

Character Animation with Bones in Flash CS4, Community MX, 2010.

Motion Editor in Adobe Flash CS4 – Let’s Move It!! , Community MX, 2010.

How to Build a Self-training Plan, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

How to become a Better Designer, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Motion Tweening in Flash CS4 – Think Again!, Community MX, 2010.

Building SEO Friendly Flash Sites, Activetuts Flash magazine, 2010.

Apple-Adobe War, Who is the Winner?, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

Get Smart, Speed up Work in Flash with Project Panel , Community MX, 2010.

Introducing Adobe Media Encoder CS4 , Community MX, 2010.

Guideline for The Principles of Design, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2010.

3D Power in Adobe Illustrator , Community MX, 2010.

How Web Developers Can Become Better Designers – Tips, Graphic Mania online magazine, 2009.

Quick tips for integrating Adobe Creative Suite 3 products, Adobe Edge magazine, 2009.

How to apply and control custom easing effects in Flash, Adobe Edge magazine, 2008.

Creating video content for Flash Lite mobile devices, Adobe Developer Center, 2007.

Adding 3D to Flash projects using After Effects, Adobe Developer Center, 2006.


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